Gambling is one of the riskiest moves in any person’s life. A simple dictionary search defines gambling as a risky move that is partaken in hopes of a certain result. If you have seen the movies, you must have seen how the main character trusts their gut feeling and somehow wins the biggest gamble of their lifetime. presents everything you need to know about whether you should trust your intuition when it comes to online gambling:

Gambling means you are never too sure:

The very nature of gambling means that you are placing your hopes in something that many other people will find to be risky. For example, you can never be too sure that a certain player team ‘X’ will win against player team ‘Y’. 

Knowledge may help:

Even if you are never too sure whether a player team will win, all the knowledge in the world can help you make an educated bet. For example, by guessing the playstyle of team ‘X’, and using previous information to figure out how they could win against team ‘Y’, you might be able to properly guess if team ‘X’ will win.

 However, there will be numerous factors in play. Sometimes, external factors can also play a big factor. All of this information makes it very difficult for anyone to make a bold claim on what team will win. 

When intuition can help?

Intuition is that gut feeling that you feel when you have choices to make. Sometimes the brain and the gut have different stories to tell. The gut feeling is the feeling that comes into play without our conscious intent and is what makes people do irrational stuff. The gut has over 100 million brain cells and is the only organ in the human body that operates without the brain. 

When intuition can help

Intuition is true sometimes:

Studies suggest that:

  • 73% of all people use their gut feelings when it comes to making decisions. Instead of thinking and pondering about difficult choices, they rely on their intuition.
  • Intuition can be effective up to 90% of the times in a business, as long as it is backed up with data-driven facts. 
  • Surprisingly enough, 62% of business executives also use gut feelings to make important decisions. 

Should you trust your intuition when it comes to online gambling?

From all the data that has compiled for us, we can say that entirely relying on your intuition/gut feeling is wrong, and one can only improve as a gambler if they start using their minds more. But, getting rid of the entire intuitive element will only reduce your chances of winning as it is still a part of your body. recommends that you combine your intuition with your brain to make a data-driven decision: something that you can live with, even if the online gamble you have placed your bets on has failed you. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this small article on intuition was able to help you figure out whether or not you should trust your intuition when it comes to online gambling.